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Twin Pines Community Survey

May 30, 2015

Peel Living’s ‘long promised’ Housing Needs and Financial Impact Assessment has finally commenced.   This survey is designed to gain a greater and more accurate understanding of the needs of the residents of Twin Pines, encompassing daily activities, specific household needs and our connection to the broader community.  While participation is voluntary, each household is encouraged to participate in the survey so our views and needs will be reflected in the future Twin Pines.  This new Conceptual Community Plan MUST reflect the reality of our lives and the community.

The Board members of the Cedar Grove Residents’ Community Corporation have been visiting each home, delivering the pamphlet outlining the process the survey will take and the importance of engaging in this undertaking.  You have the option of having the interview take place either in your home or in an office at Summerville Pines.  A member of planningAlliance, the firm engaged by Peel Living to conduct the survey and spearhead the master planning process, will contact each household to set up an interview at your convenience.

Peel Living and planningAlliance have given their assurance in writing that for the purpose of publicly reporting this information, it will be grouped in categories only.  There will be no identification of individuals or households.  This information will only be used for the purpose of planning analysis.

This is the next step in our journey and OUR VOICES MUST BE HEARD!!!

Home Renovation Contractors – Beware

April 21, 2015

Now that it’s Springtime (I think), home renovating contractors will be out in droves to solicit business.  This is usually done by means of flyers in our mailboxes, such as a package neatly ensconced in a plastic bag which made the rounds recently.

They may display logos from such organizations as Renomark, Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD), or Better Business Bureau, which would lead a person to assume they are a quality contractor.   While there may be many well qualified contractors registered with these companies, they do not guarantee or warrant the quality of work carried out by contractors.  If they receive a number of complaints of shoddy workmanship regarding a contractor, they may drop them from the organization and instruct them to stop using their logo, but some companies continue to display the signs (logos).

Your safest bet is to do your homework, get more than one quote, ask around your neighbourhood to see if anyone has used this contractor in the past and were they satisfied and always remember that old adage “Buyer Beware”