Our History

Twin Pines was originally comprised of apple orchards and owned by the Pallet family. In 1948, during the reconstruction of Dundas Street, Mr. Pallet permitted the construction crews to park their travel trailers on his property and the apple orchards gradually gave way to mobile homes and travel trailers. The community then became known as Cedar Grove Mobile Home Park Limited.

Flooded trailer park
                                        Pleasant Valley Trailer Park

In 1954 Hurricane Hazel hit, devastated the Humber River area and a mobile home park known as Pleasant Valley Trailer Park was destroyed. Mr. Pallett offered a place for the homeless to settle and several of these residents moved into Cedar Grove.

The front of the Park housed the Pallet’s residence, the sales lot for new mobile homes, a small store, a garage for Park maintenance equipment and a laundry facility for the residents. There was also an area set aside for travel trailers.

In 1992 Fred and Jean Pallet informed the community the property was going to be sold to a developer. Protests were launched and all avenues of financing were investigated by the residents in an attempt to purchase the land. The final result was that the community raised $1,000,000 and loaned it to Peel Living, who purchased the property in 1996 and renamed it Twin Pines Mobile Home Park. A lease agreement to the year 2016 was entered into and the residents became a non profit corporation known as The Cedar Grove Residents’ Community Corporation.

When the Pallets sold Cedar Grove, parts of the land were sectioned off, so as of today we are 23 acres and 218 homes. Travel trailers are no longer permitted in the Park and the permanent structures at the front of the property were eventually torn down to make way for the erection of the Summerville Pines seniors’ building.